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Testing Charm, a console based blogging application

One of my favourite blog is Motho ke motho ka botho. It’s all about Linux and getting the most out of old and low powered machines. As you probably expect, it heavily promotes console based applications – which is great for me and my continual search for lightweight efficiency (read as happily playing about with… Read more »

Upgraded WordPress

In my small and meandering steps to improve this blog I have now upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. I has been about a year since I installed this blog, so I thought it was about time – and also I felt increasingly guilty as the WordPress admin was screaming for me to upgrade…. Read more »

Disqus Comments Installed

In my never ending quest to improve this blog and your experience whilst reading it I have installed the Disqus comment system. I’ve seen this on a number of other blogs and it appears to work well. Hopefully this will encourage comments and improve the discussion. The wordpress plugin that I used can be found… Read more »

WordPress Plugin – Registered Only – Fix

In my “real life” I manage a number of blogs for both clients and friends, mostly WordPress. One of the blogs had a requirement that was to completely password protect the entire site – i.e. only registered users could view any page/post. For this I initially set up .htaccess password protection – quick and simple…. Read more »