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Emacs CSS-Mode Fix (adding to the chain!)

After my week with Emacs I’m still struggling along. One of my main annoyances is the default way some of the modes indent the code. I think the worst offender of this is the default CSS-mode. After frustration when, yet again, I hit the tab key and the cursor rockets about 80 places to the… Read more »

VMWare Server: Connecting to Guest via SSH

I have recently been playing around with an old laptop and it’s give me the taste for delving deeper into the world of Linux. For this I normally use VirtualBox, but a friend of mine (who is an avid Mac fan) was recently raving about VMWare’s Fusion. I decided to see if they had anything… Read more »

Simple tools produce powerful results

Sometimes I really love the Linux world. Sometimes it all fits so neatly together and lets you just get stuff done. Sure it might take a bit of digging around, but when it all comes together it really is beautiful! I’m waxing lyrical today because I have just managed to fit all the pieces together… Read more »

Ubuntu Jaunty command line email: Sup, OfflineIMAP and MSMTP

Recently I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with both Thunderbird. Don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent email solution, but lately I’ve been finding that it is slowing down due to the amount of emails I have. I do have a webmail package attached to it, which I use of Thunderbird has slowed to a… Read more »

Securing CentOS/cPanel with Sudo

I’m primarily a Ubuntu and Debian user, however just bought a new VPS server to hold my company’s clients’ website. For ease of use I chose a cPanel powered VPS which runs on CentOS 5.2 I wanted to secure the setup as much as I could, and one way is to disabled login via root… Read more »

PHP5: Fake Method Overloading

Been struggling for the past hour or so with method overloading within objects, so I thought I’d write a little not on my blog to hopefully help others and to remind myself. The premise for this is that I was writing a new database wrapper class to speed up the rather rubbish database module I… Read more »

Installing Subversion on CPanel/WHM

Just a quick tip for those who (like me) have wanted to install the Subversion client on their CPanel/WHM VPS. (I have my repositories hosted with so no need for a Subversion server to be set up). I have a couple of VPS servers set up and wanted to install subversion on both. After… Read more »