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PHP: It’s not you, it’s me

This is a minor whinge, and I apologise for that. I don’t post for weeks, and when I do: whinge; moan; complain (not that I’d particularly happy about conforming with the whinging pom sterotype). Anyway. this is about PHP. Frankly PHP, you’ve served me well. I remember being pried away from Perl when you were only 3. With 4 you had… Read more »

Installing PHP5.3 on Ubuntu Karmic

Following my previous post about installing PHP5.3 on Jaunty, I have had a few requests about installing it on Karmic. I’ve never used Karmic before so I thought it would be a fun excuse to have a poke about whilst also keeping my blog (sort of) up-to-date. After freshly installing Karmic (the desktop version looks… Read more »

Understanding Bitwise Operators (hopefully)

After the trouble I had with bitwise operators yesterday I found some time to really sit down and get my head properly around them. Let’s dive straight in. We need to initially define our flags: define(’BASE’, 0); // binary 00000000 define(’F1′, 1);   // binary 00000001 define(’F2′, 2);   // binary 00000010 define(’F3′, 4);   // binary 00000100… Read more »

Bitwise Operators used for Flagging Items

I have always wondered what the point of Bitwise Operators were,to me they seem to belong to a distant past. However, after reading a couple of great blog posts I have at last an understanding of how they can be put to use, and have started playing around with them a bit (ba dum!).

PHP5: Fake Method Overloading

Been struggling for the past hour or so with method overloading within objects, so I thought I’d write a little not on my blog to hopefully help others and to remind myself. The premise for this is that I was writing a new database wrapper class to speed up the rather rubbish database module I… Read more »

Setting up XDebug for PHP in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

I love Ubuntu and today reminded me exactly why. It’s just so easy to do stuff in it! I run a LAMP development server off my laptop, and today some of the PHP I was writing was throwing up some errors. Unfortunately I hadn’t installed XDebug which makes life so much easier when debugging PHP…. Read more »