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Should we use Frameworks?

Over the past month there have been a number of security issues with the Ruby on Rails framework. These issues have been serious. Whilst there is some debate whether this is an isolated Rails issue or if we can expect more frameworks to start seeing these sorts of vulnerabilities discovered this has left me with a niggling… Read more »

EmacsWiki vs WikEmacs

Lot of fun stuff going on with the Emacs Wiki. Last week, Bozhidar Batsov wrote a controvertial post called Die EmacsWiki Die. Which made me think somewhat of Sideshow Bob, (especially as I’m in Germany and sometimes I get some Deutsch posts coming up on my reader). This sparked a flurry of debate, on HackerNews… Read more »

Not Switching from Emacs to Vim

Following my last article about possibly making the heretical move to Vim from Emacs, I’ve been trying to use Vim as much as I can. I can now safely say that I will not be making the switch. There are a number of reasons to this. Firstly, and most importantly I can’t quite make the conceptual leap… Read more »

Sony PRS-300 Pocket eReader Review

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. One of the reasons is because I have been immersed in the world of digital books. In my previous post I mentioned that I purchased myself a new toy, namely the Sony PRS-300 Pocket eReader. Now I’ve had it almost 3 weeks so I feel… Read more »

Thinking About Database Revision Control

In a current database driven project that has multiple developers the single biggest issue we have is version control for the database. For us at ibrow, the number one practise that we engage in is Version Control/Revision Control. I personally use version control for almost everything and not using it when having multiple developers working… Read more »

The impending death of IE6. Or is it?

The revolution has begun! Major sites are starting to reject IE6. Yet I can’t believe we will see that back of that hellish peice of software any time soon.

Twitter is bollocks

I’ve been using Twitter for over two years now and I find it is a valuable source of news, opinion and comment. However, the more I think about it, I can’t help but conclude that Twitter is bollocks.