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Emacs CSS-Mode Fix (adding to the chain!)

After my week with Emacs I’m still struggling along. One of my main annoyances is the default way some of the modes indent the code. I think the worst offender of this is the default CSS-mode. After frustration when, yet again, I hit the tab key and the cursor rockets about 80 places to the… Read more »

Thinking About Database Revision Control

In a current database driven project that has multiple developers the single biggest issue we have is version control for the database. For us at ibrow, the number one practise that we engage in is Version Control/Revision Control. I personally use version control for almost everything and not using it when having multiple developers working… Read more »

Sup Mail Client is Saving my life

About a month ago I decided to get very geeky and installed a command line emailing program: Sup. I started off by moving my main work account over to test it out and after a month of heavy testing I have now just moved my other accounts across. So why? Well, let me first state… Read more »

Simple tools produce powerful results

Sometimes I really love the Linux world. Sometimes it all fits so neatly together and lets you just get stuff done. Sure it might take a bit of digging around, but when it all comes together it really is beautiful! I’m waxing lyrical today because I have just managed to fit all the pieces together… Read more »

Timesheet NG: Experimental Web Installer

I’ve just committed a new very basic web installer for Timesheet Next Gen which is the Timesheet and job tracking open source web app that I’m trying to contribute to when I have a spare moment. Only in the SVN repository at the moment, but if you have a chance you can get check it… Read more »

WordPress Plugin – Registered Only – Fix

In my “real life” I manage a number of blogs for both clients and friends, mostly WordPress. One of the blogs had a requirement that was to completely password protect the entire site – i.e. only registered users could view any page/post. For this I initially set up .htaccess password protection – quick and simple…. Read more »