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Sonar GNU/Linux on Indiegogo

In my random trawling through the internet I can across a very worthwhile Indiegogo campaign. It is raising money to help develop the Sonar Project, a GNU/Linux system focusing on accessibility. This is the thing I particularly love about Linux, and the free software movement in general: the fact that you can take a product… Read more »

Great video showing off Tmux

I’m a heavy user of Tmux (spending roughly 45% of my time in it these days). But if you don’t know Tmux then Brian Hogan has a great video showing what it can do. httpv:// If you liked the video, you may want to buy his book. Some other great Tmux resources include: Hawkhost Tmux… Read more »

Arch Linux Virtualbox Update

Gosh! I just found this in my list of draft posts (originally written in early 2010). I thought I might as well post it as it could be useful to someone out there? Again, this is one of those posts more for me, but hopefully other people might find it useful. Recently I updated my… Read more »

Awesome WM Clicky Widget

After a couple of hours playing around with Awesome Window Manager, Lua and the Clicky API I hack together a Clicky widget for Awesome.

Fix: Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted

Following from my dependency hell problems the other day my new version of MySQL seems to have all its stored procedures corrupted, displaying the following message when any of them are executed: Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted After a bit of research, I found the simple fix is to run mysql_upgrade Problem… Read more »

Awesome WM & NM Applet: Secret Service Operation Failed

I am running Awesome window manager on Lucid Lynx and am using the Network Manager applet to manage my wireless connection. There is a strange error that manes that the wireless can never remember my key. When I initiate the nm_applet from a terminal it displays the following error: ** Message: secret service operation failed: The name… Read more »

Installing PHP5.3 on Ubuntu Karmic

Following my previous post about installing PHP5.3 on Jaunty, I have had a few requests about installing it on Karmic. I’ve never used Karmic before so I thought it would be a fun excuse to have a poke about whilst also keeping my blog (sort of) up-to-date. After freshly installing Karmic (the desktop version looks… Read more »