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jQuery Validate URL, adding “http://”

A project we have going on here at ibrow towers involves quite a bit of jQuery Validation. Whilst the Validation plugin is great with the default functions it offers, what makes it truly excellent is the fact that it is easily extendable. For example, one thing that has been bugging me is to validate a… Read more »

IE 7 indexOf() Replacement

Everyday I hate IE a little bit more, and by the same token, everyday I love jQuery that little bit more. The reason for my hate/love feelings today was due to a bug caused by IE 7 not supporting the indexOf() method. I have no idea why IE doesn’t support this method, but it is… Read more »

jQuery: Link override with search box

Just been working on a little something for a client involving Google Custom Search Engines. The app we’re building uses 4 different search engines which are all specialised in a certain area. There is a central “Overview” page that gets the top results for the search from each of the search engines, plus there are… Read more »