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Rant of the Day: Namespaces

This is just a really quick post to try and vent my frustrations! Why don’t web developers use namespacing? It is so frustrating when you’re tying to integrate a 3rd party plugin into your website! For example, I have a page containing some pre-existing JavaScript, and I want to add a nice little piece of… Read more »

Hello 2009!

Hello and a Happy New Year to everyone out there. I hope you all had a relaxing (not boring) or busy (but fun) Christmas and New Year break. I took the liberty to have a complete break from work, laptop, interweb, Twitter et al and it has done me the world of good. I’m fully… Read more »

6 More Ways to Cut Web Development Time

After reading a couple of blog posts about reducing web development time, I thought I’d share my top 6 tips for timesaving during web development.

Timesheet Next Gen has a new Home!

The Timesheet Next Gen team have just been putting the initial touches to their new website. Whilst it is a bit bare at the moment, we will be populating it with content for both user and developer over the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years! We’ve also created a new development wiki and moved… Read more »

Weekend Reading 2008-12-07

I’ve had some time today to sit down and browse some of the web. Below are a few articles which I’ve been reading and are worth linking to. How I learnt to love Perl by David McLaughlin. This is a great article in which David talks about his experience of “rediscovering” Perl and re-finding it’s… Read more »

Welcome to the Blog of Rob Searles

Hi, and welcome to the new Blog by me, Rob Searles I’ll be writing a brief “about me” soon, but for the time being, I’ll just let you know what to expect from me and when to expect it. I’m a web developer, in fact I run my own web development company based on Berlin… Read more »