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WordPress on Android

Testing the wordpress admin Android app. The text area looks pretty small, I’m not sure that anything lengthy could be written with this app. End.

Long time No See

It has been many months since I last posted. But this is just a quick update to let you know that I haven’t abandoned this blog, it is very much still on my mind. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) I have been really busy these past few months with Jabbakam and… Read more »

RSS Feed Parser for Node.JS

Update: If you are looking for a NodeJS tutorial, visit this post: NodeJS Tutorial with CouchDB and Haml. I have just committed my first attempt at a simple RSS parser for Node.JS. It’s pretty simple at the moment, probably very buggy and needs lots done on it, but it is a start. I am making… Read more »

TinyTwit now just a tiny bit better

After a few months of neglect my Twitter Poll/Survey application – TinyTwit – has become just a tiny bit better. I have uploaded some tweaks to the user interface and back end functionality, plus also started work on an API. I even added a blog to keep you all up-to-date. Visit the TinyTwit website, have… Read more »

Site was Cracked

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been gone for a few months. More on that later. However, whilst I was away I found out that this site was cracked! My apologies to any of you who were affected by this. I have taken steps to ensure this won’t happen again. I’ll be back soon… Read more »

3 days without the Interwebs

We had a bit of a nightmare over at ibrow Towers recently. Some bright spark at the building site down the road managed to cut the pipe supplying our interweb! Disaster! Fortunately the culprit managed to refrain from slicing all the way through, stopping just at the point to give us the drip feed equivalent… Read more »

RobSearles: 1 Year Old!

This is just a quick post to say Happy Birthday this blog. Yes, I began my little journey into the Blogosphere one year ago today. Looking back on that first article, now is a good time to see if I managed to stay focused on the topics that I laid out in the beginning, as… Read more »

Two New Toys: First Impressions

First impressions of two new toys: the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 keyboard and the Sony Pocket Reader PRS-300 e-reader.