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Org-Mode, Shared Agenda File List

After watching a chat between Sacha Chau and John Wiegley about Emacs, I’ve gone on an Emacs rampage. I tweaking my init script to use org-mode (probably more on that another day) and generally getting things ticking along quite nicely. I use three different computers (desktop at office, desktop at home and laptop) and all my… Read more »

Testing Org2Blog

I have just installed Org2Blog so testing it out. Increasingly my life is being consumed by Emacs and org-mode.

EmacsWiki vs WikEmacs

Lot of fun stuff going on with the Emacs Wiki. Last week, Bozhidar Batsov wrote a controvertial post called Die EmacsWiki Die. Which made me think somewhat of Sideshow Bob, (especially as I’m in Germany and sometimes I get some Deutsch posts coming up on my reader). This sparked a flurry of debate, on HackerNews… Read more »

Not Switching from Emacs to Vim

Following my last article about possibly making the heretical move to Vim from Emacs, I’ve been trying to use Vim as much as I can. I can now safely say that I will not be making the switch. There are a number of reasons to this. Firstly, and most importantly I can’t quite make the conceptual leap… Read more »

Emacs Weekly Tip #4: Super Quick Navigation with Registers

If like me you are constantly bouncing about between different places within a file, or even between multiple buffers then you should save a lot of time by using Registers. Registers are a handy little tool that enable you to save a snippet of information for the length of your session. This snippet of information can… Read more »

Emacs Weekly Tip #3: Learn Org-Mode

The Emacs tip this week isn’t about highlighting all the useful features Org-Mode has to offer, but instead more of a “How-to-Learn” rather than a “How-To”.

Introducing Emacs Weekly Tips

Emacs is vast. I’m going to make an attempt to delve deeper into the depths by learning a new Emacs tip each week and then blogging about it.