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Sup Mail Client is Saving my life

About a month ago I decided to get very geeky and installed a command line emailing program: Sup. I started off by moving my main work account over to test it out and after a month of heavy testing I have now just moved my other accounts across. So why? Well, let me first state… Read more »

Simple tools produce powerful results

Sometimes I really love the Linux world. Sometimes it all fits so neatly together and lets you just get stuff done. Sure it might take a bit of digging around, but when it all comes together it really is beautiful! I’m waxing lyrical today because I have just managed to fit all the pieces together… Read more »

Ubuntu Jaunty command line email: Sup, OfflineIMAP and MSMTP

Recently I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with both Thunderbird. Don’t get me wrong, it is an excellent email solution, but lately I’ve been finding that it is slowing down due to the amount of emails I have. I do have a webmail package attached to it, which I use of Thunderbird has slowed to a… Read more » new site launched

At last (at very long last actually!) we have just launched our new site for our online development agency. (Did you spot the SEO-ness there?!) Whilst it is a bit sparse at the moment, over the next few weeks and months we’ll be adding to it, endeavouring to keep it a bubbling hub of life… Read more »

The impending death of IE6. Or is it?

The revolution has begun! Major sites are starting to reject IE6. Yet I can’t believe we will see that back of that hellish peice of software any time soon.

Twitter is bollocks

I’ve been using Twitter for over two years now and I find it is a valuable source of news, opinion and comment. However, the more I think about it, I can’t help but conclude that Twitter is bollocks.

Disqus Comments Installed

In my never ending quest to improve this blog and your experience whilst reading it I have installed the Disqus comment system. I’ve seen this on a number of other blogs and it appears to work well. Hopefully this will encourage comments and improve the discussion. The wordpress plugin that I used can be found… Read more »

Non-technical mistakes made by programmers: Number 6

I have just been browsing few development blogs and in two separate posts about two completely different topics there was an interesting crossover. First I was reading a post on “Making Good Software” which lists the top 5 non-technical mistakes programmers make. Their top 5 list was: Lack of discipline; Big egos; Being a bad… Read more »