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Installing PHP5.3 on Ubuntu Karmic

Following my previous post about installing PHP5.3 on Jaunty, I have had a few requests about installing it on Karmic. I’ve never used Karmic before so I thought it would be a fun excuse to have a poke about whilst also keeping my blog (sort of) up-to-date. After freshly installing Karmic (the desktop version looks… Read more »

IE 7 indexOf() Replacement

Everyday I hate IE a little bit more, and by the same token, everyday I love jQuery that little bit more. The reason for my hate/love feelings today was due to a bug caused by IE 7 not supporting the indexOf() method. I have no idea why IE doesn’t support this method, but it is… Read more »

Converting from Mac to Unix line endings

This is more a post for me than anyone else, but I thought I’d share anyway. In our team we have a mixture of Linux and Mac users, and we are constantly editing the same files. One of the most irritating things is when a file is saved with Mac line endings instead of Unix… Read more »

Site was Cracked

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been gone for a few months. More on that later. However, whilst I was away I found out that this site was cracked! My apologies to any of you who were affected by this. I have taken steps to ensure this won’t happen again. I’ll be back soon… Read more »

Understanding Bitwise Operators (hopefully)

After the trouble I had with bitwise operators yesterday I found some time to really sit down and get my head properly around them. Let’s dive straight in. We need to initially define our flags: define(’BASE’, 0); // binary 00000000 define(’F1′, 1);   // binary 00000001 define(’F2′, 2);   // binary 00000010 define(’F3′, 4);   // binary 00000100… Read more »

Bitwise Operators used for Flagging Items

I have always wondered what the point of Bitwise Operators were,to me they seem to belong to a distant past. However, after reading a couple of great blog posts I have at last an understanding of how they can be put to use, and have started playing around with them a bit (ba dum!).

3 days without the Interwebs

We had a bit of a nightmare over at ibrow Towers recently. Some bright spark at the building site down the road managed to cut the pipe supplying our interweb! Disaster! Fortunately the culprit managed to refrain from slicing all the way through, stopping just at the point to give us the drip feed equivalent… Read more »

RobSearles: 1 Year Old!

This is just a quick post to say Happy Birthday this blog. Yes, I began my little journey into the Blogosphere one year ago today. Looking back on that first article, now is a good time to see if I managed to stay focused on the topics that I laid out in the beginning, as… Read more »