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NodeJS Tutorial – Part 2, Routing

Note: This is the second part of my NodeJS tutorial. You may want to go back to the first part of this tutorial if you haven’t already read it. In the first part of this tutorial we looked at reading a document from CouchDB and keeping our markup separate from our code using Haml templates. We… Read more »

jQuery Validate URL, adding “http://”

A project we have going on here at ibrow towers involves quite a bit of jQuery Validation. Whilst the Validation plugin is great with the default functions it offers, what makes it truly excellent is the fact that it is easily extendable. For example, one thing that has been bugging me is to validate a… Read more »

RSS Feed Parser for Node.JS

Update: If you are looking for a NodeJS tutorial, visit this post: NodeJS Tutorial with CouchDB and Haml. I have just committed my first attempt at a simple RSS parser for Node.JS. It’s pretty simple at the moment, probably very buggy and needs lots done on it, but it is a start. I am making… Read more »

Awesome WM & NM Applet: Secret Service Operation Failed

I am running Awesome window manager on Lucid Lynx and am using the Network Manager applet to manage my wireless connection. There is a strange error that manes that the wireless can never remember my key. When I initiate the nm_applet from a terminal it displays the following error: ** Message: secret service operation failed: The name… Read more »

TinyTwit now just a tiny bit better

After a few months of neglect my Twitter Poll/Survey application – TinyTwit – has become just a tiny bit better. I have uploaded some tweaks to the user interface and back end functionality, plus also started work on an API. I even added a blog to keep you all up-to-date. Visit the TinyTwit website, have… Read more »