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JSConf EU – Day 1

Back home now after a busy day at JSConf EU, brain is pretty melted due to a lot of good talks, so will make this a quick one. Three things really stood out for me today. Firstly, Cloud9 IDE. This is a browser based JavaScript IDE, and it looks fantastic. With no setup or configuration… Read more » Tomorrow = Huzzah!

This is just a quick post as I’m off to bed for an early night’s sleep. JSConf EU is tomorrow and am one of the lucky few who have in their posession a “golden ticket” to attend. It’s  a jam-packed event starting at an unaturally early 8am! Do they know this is Berlin?! You can’t… Read more »

PHP: It’s not you, it’s me

This is a minor whinge, and I apologise for that. I don’t post for weeks, and when I do: whinge; moan; complain (not that I’d particularly happy about conforming with the whinging pom sterotype). Anyway. this is about PHP. Frankly PHP, you’ve served me well. I remember being pried away from Perl when you were only 3. With 4 you had… Read more »

Testing Charm, a console based blogging application

One of my favourite blog is Motho ke motho ka botho. It’s all about Linux and getting the most out of old and low powered machines. As you probably expect, it heavily promotes console based applications – which is great for me and my continual search for lightweight efficiency (read as happily playing about with… Read more »

Live Unsigned Server Stack

Disclaimer: this post is definitely sponsored by 6sync – they bake delicious virtual servers. As mentioned in a previous post, the Live Unsigned website is now very generously hosted by 6Sync. This is great for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Live Unsigned has a decent server in which to grow. Secondly, and most importantly, it meant I… Read more »

Live Unsigned Sponsored by 6Sync

A number of weeks ago, the lovely people at 6sync were nice enough to host Live Unsigned*, in exchange for a plug or two on this blog.  To me, this seemed like a very fair exchange, also it meant that I had a nice clean server which I could set up just as I wanted… Read more »

Emacs Weekly Tip #4: Super Quick Navigation with Registers

If like me you are constantly bouncing about between different places within a file, or even between multiple buffers then you should save a lot of time by using Registers. Registers are a handy little tool that enable you to save a snippet of information for the length of your session. This snippet of information can… Read more »

Emacs Weekly Tip #3: Learn Org-Mode

The Emacs tip this week isn’t about highlighting all the useful features Org-Mode has to offer, but instead more of a “How-to-Learn” rather than a “How-To”.