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Should we use Frameworks?

Over the past month there have been a number of security issues with the Ruby on Rails framework. These issues have been serious. Whilst there is some debate whether this is an isolated Rails issue or if we can expect more frameworks to start seeing these sorts of vulnerabilities discovered this has left me with a niggling… Read more »

Sonar GNU/Linux on Indiegogo

In my random trawling through the internet I can across a very worthwhile Indiegogo campaign. It is raising money to help develop the Sonar Project, a GNU/Linux system focusing on accessibility. This is the thing I particularly love about Linux, and the free software movement in general: the fact that you can take a product… Read more »

How to Improve your Programming Skills

As the subtitle of this blog indicates, I am a self taught programmer. Like most self taught coders, I suffer from the horrible feeling that I am missing something in my programming education. As such I am continually striving for improvement. But how do you achieve improvement? Where do you start? What do you do?… Read more »

Coursera Programming Languages

Upon discovering Coursera last year I went a little bit mad and all of a sudden find myself enrolled in 8 classes beginning over the next two weeks. Obviously this is far too much, so I’ll have to cut back, but the thing I like about Coursera is that you can give all the classes… Read more »

Christmas Books

Father Christmas has been good to me this year as I received number of fantastic books to start making my way through next year. Here’s a quick run-down: Enterprise Integration Patterns - Ignore the fact that the title includes the word “Enterprise”, this is a great book about asynchronous messaging for large distributed systems. Hacker’s Delight… Read more »

The Lovely Little Schemer

Although only half way through a curious little book, I have fallen in love. The Little Schemer by Daniel P. Friedman is a quirky little book with a quixotic appeal. Admittedly it took some time to get into, but now I can safely say that it is bordering on the magical. It is one of the very few coding… Read more »

Lua Documentation

I’ve been playing around with different methods for Lua documentation today. Took me a bit of time to get into the lua method of doing stuff, and I still haven’t quite worked out LuaRocks yet (nothing seems to install). However, using a combination of apt-get, LuaRocks and a bit of manual “Gittery” I managed to… Read more »

Set yourself a BHAG

Today, a story has appeared on HN which has divided opinion. Gusts Kaksis wrote a blog post with the bold statement that he is going to write his own OS. A lot of people are shaking their heads in disbelief, that this mere web developer could attempt such a thing! Does he know what he is getting himself into?… Read more »

Node with Lua bindings? Luvit!

I have recently discovered the excellent “The Changelog” Podcast and a couple of weeks ago there was an interview with Tim Caswell that most people probably know from NodeJS fame. However, on this interview he wasn’t talking about NodeJS, instead about his new project Luvit – Lua + libUV + jIT (GitHub project page). Having… Read more »

EmacsWiki vs WikEmacs

Lot of fun stuff going on with the Emacs Wiki. Last week, Bozhidar Batsov wrote a controvertial post called Die EmacsWiki Die. Which made me think somewhat of Sideshow Bob, (especially as I’m in Germany and sometimes I get some Deutsch posts coming up on my reader). This sparked a flurry of debate, on HackerNews… Read more »