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6 More Ways to Cut Web Development Time

After reading a couple of blog posts about reducing web development time, I thought I’d share my top 6 tips for timesaving during web development.

Timesheet Next Gen has a new Home!

The Timesheet Next Gen team have just been putting the initial touches to their new website. Whilst it is a bit bare at the moment, we will be populating it with content for both user and developer over the coming days, weeks, months and hopefully years! We’ve also created a new development wiki and moved… Read more »

Timesheet NG: Experimental Web Installer

I’ve just committed a new very basic web installer for Timesheet Next Gen which is the Timesheet and job tracking open source web app that I’m trying to contribute to when I have a spare moment. Only in the SVN repository at the moment, but if you have a chance you can get check it… Read more »

WordPress Plugin – Registered Only – Fix

In my “real life” I manage a number of blogs for both clients and friends, mostly WordPress. One of the blogs had a requirement that was to completely password protect the entire site – i.e. only registered users could view any page/post. For this I initially set up .htaccess password protection – quick and simple…. Read more »

Weekend Reading 2008-12-07

I’ve had some time today to sit down and browse some of the web. Below are a few articles which I’ve been reading and are worth linking to. How I learnt to love Perl by David McLaughlin. This is a great article in which David talks about his experience of “rediscovering” Perl and re-finding it’s… Read more »

Want to SVN, but can’t? Rsync to the Rescue!

Today I had a little problem deploying a new update to a site for one of my clients. Normally the way I deploy is by writing a build script that updates the code from an SVN repository. This is easy peasy and means that once setup, the site doesn’t have to be touched apart from… Read more »

jQuery: Link override with search box

Just been working on a little something for a client involving Google Custom Search Engines. The app we’re building uses 4 different search engines which are all specialised in a certain area. There is a central “Overview” page that gets the top results for the search from each of the search engines, plus there are… Read more »

Xubuntu: Nautilus overtakes XFCE on startup

Just had a nightmare hour trying to get my lovely clean Xubuntu desktop back to normal. For some strange reason it was loading in the Gnome desktop over the top. All very odd, loaded up as XFCE for a second or two, but then flashed into Gnome – very irritating. Finally managed to track down… Read more »

Welcome to the Blog of Rob Searles

Hi, and welcome to the new Blog by me, Rob Searles I’ll be writing a brief “about me” soon, but for the time being, I’ll just let you know what to expect from me and when to expect it. I’m a web developer, in fact I run my own web development company based on Berlin… Read more »