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Disqus and Code Formatting Conflict?

I’ve had reports that the code formatting isn’t working for some of you out there. I haven’t been able to replicate this, after testing on multiple machines and browsers. However I think it is due to a plugin conflict: namely the plugins for the Disqus comments and WPSyntax code formatting. If you are reading any… Read more »

Listening for Changing Events

We are now manually triggering events. But what about events that we don’t manually trigger? What happens when something changes without our interaction but we still need to respond to it?

Bank Holiday Reading 6 May 2013

To start of with, we have a great story about a game developer releasing a game about game development and what happens when the pirates were pirated. As I find myself tumbling down the rabbit hole of Lisp and it’s derivatives, this article was very timely for me. An interesting read and makes me want… Read more »

Backbone Reactive – Introduction

This series of posts is the culmination of my experimentation, problems faced, decisions made and lessons learned when playing around with BackboneJS to build reactive sites.

Org-Mode, Shared Agenda File List

After watching a chat between Sacha Chau and John Wiegley about Emacs, I’ve gone on an Emacs rampage. I tweaking my init script to use org-mode (probably more on that another day) and generally getting things ticking along quite nicely. I use three different computers (desktop at office, desktop at home and laptop) and all my… Read more »

Testing Org2Blog

I have just installed Org2Blog so testing it out. Increasingly my life is being consumed by Emacs and org-mode.