About the Blog

This blog is not about learning how to code. It is not about teaching yourself PHP in 24 hours. It’s not about learning the difference between Java and JavaScript. If that is what you are after, then this is not the place for you.

What it is about is deliberately improving your coding skills. If you already know how to code and have been coding for some time, either as a hobby, or more likely professionally, then hopefully you’ll find something of value here.

More importantly, if you are a self-taught programmer and want to improve your programming knowledge, both practically and theoretically for no other reason than the joy of coding, then welcome.

About Me

I’m Rob Searles and I am a self-taught programmer.

I have been coding ever since I fell into it back when the web was very young. I was fortunate enough to kick start my career by building the first ever website and online shop for the likes of St Paul’s Cathedral and the Transport for London shop. Luckily, as well as paying the bills I discovered that I actually loved coding. However, having never studied computer science or ever having taken any formal training, to this day I suffer from the¬†Impostor¬†Syndrome.

This blog is my journey to counteract that feeling. Through Deliberate Practice I intend to fill in the gaps that, as a self-taught coder, I know I must have.

If you are in the same boat as me, welcome aboard.