Bank Holiday Reading 6 May 2013

To start of with, we have a great story about a game developer releasing a game about game development and what happens when the pirates were pirated.

As I find myself tumbling down the rabbit hole of Lisp and it’s derivatives, this article was very timely for me. An interesting read and makes me want to roll my sleeves up yet further.

To continue the Lispish theme, this post about Chicken Scheme did not disappoint. A really great read for the weekend. Looks like a very interesting blog to follow.

Just to reinforce the point that the Atomic Object’s Blog was worth following, here is another good post. This time it is about reading code.

Back to the lisp theme. I have had SICP on my bookshelf for a number of years, but never really tackled it. This article by Brian Harvey reminds me that I probably should give it another go.

Finally, if you have had enough reading for the week, watch this 15 minute TedX talk about what we can learn from Linus Torvalds.