Org-Mode, Shared Agenda File List

After watching a chat between Sacha Chau and John Wiegley about Emacs, I’ve gone on an Emacs rampage. I tweaking my init script to use org-mode (probably more on that another day) and generally getting things ticking along quite nicely.

I use three different computers (desktop at office, desktop at home and laptop) and all my Org files are kept in sync via Dropbox. However, one thing that has irritated me with this setup is the facts that whilst the files are shared between the three machines, which of the Org files are considered agenda files is not. On each machine I have to keep on adding files into the agenda list with C-c [. I have a number of different agenda files (one for each project or sub-project I’m working on) so files are added to and removed from the list quite frequently.

It would be great if the lost of agenda files could be sync’d too.

As ever in Emacs, there is a way. In this case it is the variable custom-file.

You can get more information about this variable using the describe-variable command (C-h v then enter custom-file)

So, to change the location of the custom file, all I needed to was to add the below to my init file:

;; Ensure that any custom variables are synced via Dropbox
(setq custom-file "~/Dropbox/emacs/custom.el")
(load custom-file)

Hurray for Emacs!