Switching from Emacs to Vim?

As my regular reader will know, I’m a heavy Emacs user (have been now for over two years). So why this heretical thinking then?

A number of reasons.

Firstly, I find I’m spending more and more time editing directly on a server. Obviously Emacs can handle this with Tramp mode.

Yes, that’s true, but it would be much nicer just to have the editor there on the same system. I could install Emacs on the server, but for some reason I can never get Meta keys mapping correctly, or Meta-Ctrl working when using emails within a terminal.

Secondly, as I spend all day logged into servers via SSH, I’m increasingly spending more of my time in Tmux. A result of this is that I’m starting to get confused with the binding keys when in Emacs and when in Tmux. This is not great.

Thirdly and this is more due to Tmux’s credit than Emac’s failure, I love Tmux’s sessions. I currently have a central server that I connect to. On that server I have a number of Tmux sessions running. I simply love being able to open up my “live” session and carry on where I left off. This is especially useful for me as I have three workstations – home, work and laptop. The downside of this is that when I don’t have internet access, I can’t get to my sessions.

Finally. Because I want to learn Vim. I may not move over to it full time if at all. But it would be good to know what “the other side” was really like. It may be crap. I don’t know.

But I want to find out.