JSConf EU – Day 1

Back home now after a busy day at JSConf EU, brain is pretty melted due to a lot of good talks, so will make this a quick one.

Three things really stood out for me today.

Firstly, Cloud9 IDE. This is a browser based JavaScript IDE, and it looks fantastic. With no setup or configuration needed it lets you just start writing NodeJS directly from your browser. The lovely guys even gave me a premium account free for 1 year! I am going to sign up and start hacking away as soon as I get a chance.

Secondly, even though the Arduino talk was a bit, er, ramshackled, they did talk about the Raspberry Pi. This is a tiny (and I mean tiny) ARM box running Linux. It should be available in November some time, which will be perfect timing for a birthday present to myself!

Finally, Emscripten is very exciting. Emscripten is a compiler that takes bitcode and turns it into JavaScript. From what I understood, this is what made repl.it possible, which I saw yesterday in Hacker News and thought was so cool I bookmarked it!

As there were two tracks I did miss a bunch of talks, but I’m sure they will be availble on the website soon.

All in all, good stuff, tiring (especially as some little madam decided to wake up at 5am) but brain is now firing off with a bunch of possibilities!