Live Unsigned Sponsored by 6Sync

A number of weeks ago, the lovely people at 6sync were nice enough to host Live Unsigned*, in exchange for a plug or two on this blog.  To me, this seemed like a very fair exchange, also it meant that I had a nice clean server which I could set up just as I wanted so as to handle the increasing traffic Live Unsigned is getting.

Over the next few posts I’ll be outlining how I set up the server, along with any issues and gotchas, plus I’ll most probably be talking about Biscuit – 6sync’s control panel.

For all you cynics out there, don’t worry, I’ll be maintaining my editorial integrity. This blog is not going to turn into one big advert! But, I do want to say a big thanks to Mario and the 6Sync team.

* For those of you that don’t know, Live Unsigned is a weekend project that my girlfriend Elizabeth and I are running in order to keep ourselves sane!