Emacs Weekly Tip #4: Super Quick Navigation with Registers

If like me you are constantly bouncing about between different places within a file, or even between multiple buffers then you should save a lot of time by using Registers.

Registers are a handy little tool that enable you to save a snippet of information for the length of your session. This snippet of information can be either text, numbers, rectangles and even window configurations.

For the benefit of this tip, however, we’ll be saving a position within the register. It is so simple, it is actually quite silly.

When you are at a position you want to save, simply enter:

C-x r <space> q

This will save your current location into the register “q”. You can replace “q” with any single character. For some reason I always use “q”, “w”, “e”, “r” etc. but you can use whatever you want.

To remember this command, you simply need to think about saving a space in a register called q.

Jumping back to the position saved in the register is just as simple

C-x r j q

You are jumping to register q

Once you have the hang of it, it’s pretty effortless.

Soon you’ll be jumping about like a maniac!