Introducing Emacs Weekly Tips

As regular readers of my poor, infrequently updated blog may know my editor of choice is the wondrously magnificent Emacs.  One of the reasons I like Emacs is because there is so much more to learn. I can easily imagine that one could spend every day for a whole year learning a new technique, mode or snippet within Emacs and still not come close to learning all there is to know about it.

Sadly, I’m not dedicated enough to learn a new tip every day.

However,  I am going to try and learn one a week. My aim is to pick up a new Emacs top tip, use it for a week and post about it here on my blog. This should hopefully increase my knowledge of Emacs and server as a repository of this information.

So, tune in every Monday for my Emacs Tip of the Week!

For those that can’t wait, there are loads of great places for all things Emacs out there. Check out: