Emacs Weekly Tip #1: Version Control Emacs.d

Welcome to the first of my weekly Emacs top tips.

This first tip is something that I’m seeing more and more people do, especially with the excellent Emacs Starter Kit aiming to get Emacs newbies up and running quickly:
Version control your emacs.d directory.

This technique is especially useful if you have a number of development machines that you work from (desktop, laptop, remote server).  This is the reason why I started to version control my .emacs.d directory. Whilst my configuration is still very basic (for now) I find it invaluable.

Whilst it is useful to version control your configuration file, a happy side effect of the increasing prevalence of services like GitHub is that you can see other Emacs users’ setups. It is great to look at these, borrow some ideas and lean some new techniques. After some Googling, I’ve quickly compiled the  list below from GitHub, which is by no means exhaustive:

So what are you waiting for? Put your Emacs config directory into Git, share it on GitHub and post the respoitory URL in the comments below.