Testing Tumblr with Berlin Birdbox

I’ve head a lot of stuff about Tumblr recently and how easy it is to update. As you can see from the blog you’re reading right now, I need all the help with keeping things up-to-date so I thought I’d give it a try, so I did.

Obviously, being the lead tech geek at Jabbakam I had to do something involving IP cameras, so I found an old Axis camera we had lying around the office, pointed it at the birdbox we have at home and started recording. BerlinBirdbox was born.

If any of our feathered friends decide to make our little birdbox their home, hopefully the camera will record it, upload it to Jabbakam and then I can post it onto Tumblr. I might even mash up the APIs to get it to auto post…. but possibly another day!

Until then, stay tuned to the BerlinBirdbox.