Three Useful Emacs Blogs

The past few months I have spent most of my time head down, working on a number of projects. In work, I spend most my time in Emacs, which has been my editor of choice for just over a year. Over the past year, my knowledge of Emacs, and my associated productivity is improving all the time. However, the Emacs universe is so vast there is no possible way to know everything, or every little command (or even every “big” command).

My tactic recently has been to try and learn one new useful tip each day, whether it is switching to ibuffer instead of the normal buffer mode, or trying to use M-^ (delete-indentation) more. Whilst trawling through the Emacs Wiki or a list of command references may be a good way to find some useful stuff, a better way is to let someone else do all the hard work for you!

So here are three blogs that I have found great for general Emacs related tips and tricks:

  • Emacs Fu – Simply put, a fantastic resource.
  • Mastering Emacs – A brand new blog, looks promising.
  • M-x All Things Emacs – Hasn’t been posted to since July 2009, but still has lots of good tips in the archives.