Sup Crash! Index locked then Terminates. Easy Fix

As many of you know, I use Sup for my emailing needs, and I think it is pretty great. But today, disaster (or at least I initially thought so)!

Instead of opening up and downloading as normal it instead told me it was locked by another process. This in itself is not unusual, sometimes I close the terminal window it is running in by mistake, or shutdown without first closing sup. Hoever, what was different was that the user, host and PID were all blank. When I confirmed it should kill the old process it, well, crashed.

Error: the index is locked by another process! User '' on
host '' is running with pid .
The process was alive as of at least 14 seconds ago.
Should I ask that process to kill itself (y/n)? y
Ok, trying to kill process...

After some searching around nothing was really helping.

In the end I had a poke around in the .sup folder, in which there was a file called lock – I simply removed it and all will work well again!

That was much easier than I thought!

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