Hacking about with Node.JS

Update: If you are looking for a NodeJS tutorial, visit this post: NodeJS Tutorial with CouchDB and Haml.

After proclaiming that Node.JS is exciting stuff, today was the first time I’ve actually had the time to play around with it properly. I’ve been thinking about writing a custom FTP server for a project that we’re working on at the moment, and instead of starting from scratch, I thought I’d see if anyone else has tried to do the same. Fortunately I found Andrew Johnston started an FTP server only a few months ago: NodeFTPd on GitHub. I quickly created a clone and tried it out. It didn’t work! Node.JS is such a fast moving target that a lot of the API has been changed in the 3 months since Andrew initially released nodeftpd.

Perfect! This meant that I could play around with Node!

I’ve been hacking about on it for 4 hours or so, you can see my results at GitHub.

So what have my 4 hours of hacking around taught me about Node? Well, it’s not just exciting, it also bloody good fun!