3 days without the Interwebs

We had a bit of a nightmare over at ibrow Towers recently. Some bright spark at the building site down the road managed to cut the pipe supplying our interweb!


Fortunately the culprit managed to refrain from slicing all the way through, stopping just at the point to give us the drip feed equivalent of roughly a modem circa 1997. i.e. r e a l l y slow.

Did we really ever live with that? How did we cope?

But now it is the weekend, meaning that I have some spare time at home to explore the internet again. So here are a few links that I’m going to spend my morning reading.

Seeing that I’ve been living like it was 1997, the first thing I thought I better read was a great TechCrunch post: What If Steve Jobs Hadn’t Returned To Apple In 1997? The title says it all, but it is great to think of all the “what ifs” scenarios, not just for Steve Jobs and Apple, but also what if Larry hadn’t met Sergey? Bill hadn’t met Paul? Linus favourite types of animal wasn’t a penguin? The mind boggles.

(Tenuous link coming up…) Talking of Larry and Sergey, now we have a larger office, we’re thinking of getting involved with the Google Summer of Code, so I’m trying to find some info about 2010 and how to sign up.

At last! The LinuxCritic(s) have posted another article. Their posts normally go pretty indepth, so I’ll be reading this after hitting the “publish” button.

Other blogs I’m going to have a quick read over include:

  • Keith Casey. I’ve been reading his blog for years, and it’s always good to catch up.
  • Another blog I’ve been reading for years is Patrick McKenzie’s Micro ISV on a Shoe String.
  • Matt Mullenweg‘s (of WordPress fame) blog can be pretty good, especially the artwork!
  • There are many more, but I need to start reading them otherwise my morning will be over.