Two New Toys: First Impressions

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 KeyboardThis week I purchased myself two new toys. I always do something like this around this time of year because it’s my birthday! This year I decided to get an ergonomic keyboard and an e-reader.

The ergonomic keyboard was the easier decision and I went with the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000.One of the main reasons for this was the Jeff Atwood blog post.

The e-reader was much harder to choose. After much deliberation, googling, reading of reviews etc I eventually landed myself a Sony Pocket Reader PRS-300. I chose this over other e-readers for a number of reasons. Firstly the price was right, I didn’t really want to spend over ¬£200 on what is effectively a fancy book. Secondly I only wanted it for reading, I didn’t care about taking notes, listening to music that kind of stuff. Finally I wanted to to be portable – obviously all readers are portable, but I wanted something that I could easily keep in a coat pocket for when I’m on a bus etc. or generally waiting around for something to happen.

First Impressions

The keyboard was huge! Much more so then I expected, but fortunately I have a big desk, so there was no problem there. I’ve never used an ergonomic keyboard before and I was suprised how comfortable it felt. I really thought I’d be able to enjoy typing. However, the space bar is a nightmare. Really sticky, hard to press down and very “clacky” Others have experienced this problem, but most suggested it gets “broken in” within a few days or week, so I’m not overly worried (yet).

Sony Pocket Reader PRS-300The Sony e-reader is just beautiful. The text is clear, navigation simple, weight nothing to speak of and the size is perfect. I am in love with it. One problem was I said I had to use Windows to connect to it, so I fired up Vista for the first time in about half a year, and after about 20 minutes of installing it crashed. It did this again a couple of times, until I found out a fix Рsomething so do with VB script and premissions. Rather stupidly I forgot to save the link  that helped me fix the problem otherwise I would have posted it here. Sorry about that. However, it turns out I can connect to it within Ubuntu, and transfer books onto it Рso that is good news.

I’m going to write a more substantial review for both after a couple of weeks usage, so stay tuned – sign up to my RSS feed.