RobSearles is now a .com

I’ve become a bit fed up with this blog.

That is to say I’m not bored of writing it as I do enjoy the writing and when I publish a post I get a great feeling of satisfaction. Nor do I think I should get rid of it and start again, I think some of the stuff I’ve written is quite good. I am, however, a bit fed up with the low number of users reading it. It can be a bit demoralizing at times to spend a good few hours or so crafting (what I would think) is a pretty good blog post only to have only a few people read it.

So I’ve decided to change tack.

Instead of simply writing, posting, putting a link on twitter then move onto “real life” and forgetting about it, I am going to start actively trying to improve this blog which will hopefully increase the readership.

To improve the blog I’m going to look at a number of different areas. One of the first things I need to do is to define more accurately my focus. My strapline currently is “Musing on the business of and development for ‘The Web’”, which is to say a bit vague at the least. What should I write about, what do I enjoy writting about, what do people like reading about.

Once the focus has been defined the content structure can also be more defined. Currently I have a random bunch of categories, this really isn’t that good and should be more focused and geared towards the areas this blog will target.

Next I need to look at the design. Whilst I quite like the current template (designed by MidMo Design) it is a normal template that can be downloaded by anyone. Besides, one of the services we offer at ibrow is blog design, so I really should design my own blog!

Finally I need to engage more with the wider blogging world. I need to more fully research the niche that I find myself in and take a lead from those who I consider to be the leaders.

But first, in anticipation of all this I have moved my blog from to Why not make it more international?

Hopefully with these step I’ll get more out of this blog, and so will you, my avid reader.