Non-technical mistakes made by programmers: Number 6

I have just been browsing few development blogs and in two separate posts about two completely different topics there was an interesting crossover.

First I was reading a post on “Making Good Software” which lists the top 5 non-technical mistakes programmers make. Their top 5 list was:

  1. Lack of discipline;
  2. Big egos;
  3. Being a bad communicator;
  4. Forgetting about the customer; and
  5. Not prioritizing the work properly.

Have a read of it, it’s pretty interesting.

I was also reading one of Jeff Atwood’s latest posts – “Code: It;s trivial” and I thought that the main point of his post could be slotted in at number 6 for non-technical mistakes.

Essentially Jeff was saying that programmers always think about the code.

They (and I know this is a massive sweeping generalisation, in which I include myself) forget that only coders care about the code. Real people, instead, care about the experience.

So this would be my “Number 6″ for non-technical mistakes programmers make:

Forgetting that the code is the means, not the end.