What to do with old domains

I am one of those people that are very good at the “ideas” stage, but not necessarily so go at the “completion” stage. You can read that as I get bored easily. I normally have a “great idea”, work around the clock to get it up and running, but within a few days am bored and have another “great idea” which was much better than the previous idea, which I have now become disillusioned with.

This is my curse.

One side effect of this idea-bored-idea-bored pattern of mine is that I now have loads of unused domain names, all sitting there, doing nothing, costing me money. I don’t want to get rid of these because on day I’ll imagine I’ll do something with them, but on the other hand I don’t have any time to do anything with them now.

So What Do I Do?

Well, I have to admit here that I’ve gone to the dark side. I have become a domain parker! Yes, those horrible sites that you some how get to and which list completely unrelated searches to what you were looking for. I hate them. However, there must be a purpose for them – if there wasn’t they wouldn’t exist. They can’t possibly have any purpose for the people visiting them, so they must have some purpose for the people who own them. In other words, they must bring in some kind of revenue.

So I decided to become someone I hate and try out domain parking on one of my domains to see how it goes. The domain name in question is InternetMarriage.com. I chose this domain because it is the oldest domain I own (about 11 years!) and it was my first “great idea”. In fact I even managed to get in the papers and on radio because of it. But like all my other “great ideas” I became disillusioned, and moved on.

Most probably rather stupidly!

So here I am, with an old, unused domain name which I don’t have time to do anything with I don’t want to get rid of and is costing me money. So I decide to “park” it. But how do I go about doing that, would I manually have to put it all together, which I don’t have time, or is there a better way out there?

After about have a nano-second of Googling, it turns out that domain parking management is quite big business, and there are loads of companies out there doing it. After reading a few reviews I decided to go with WhyPark. I have to admit, it was pretty easy, in fact effortless. I simply signed up, added my domains, entered some keywords etc, updated my DNS settings, and viola, a brand new parked site: http://www.internetmarriage.com

Yes, it’s awful isn’t it!

But who know, if I can make enough to cover the domain reg costs it’ll be worth it. I’ll let you know how it’s going in a couple of months, so stay tuned (or you can sign up to my RSS feed)

And yes, I now hate myself :)

Some WhyPark reviews: