Hello 2009!

Hello and a Happy New Year to everyone out there.

I hope you all had a relaxing (not boring) or busy (but fun) Christmas and New Year break. I took the liberty to have a complete break from work, laptop, interweb, Twitter et al and it has done me the world of good. I’m fully refreshed and raring to get on with 2009

So what can you expect from me over the coming 12 months? Hopefully lots of interesting stuff. Here is a quick breakdown:

  1. I need to re-brand and reposition the business for the coming year. Nothing drastic, just focusing what ibrow is all about.
  2. Loads more work on Timesheet Next Gen. I should be getting the first official release out this weekend, so that’s exciting. Lots of ideas for this and we have a great team.
  3. Have fallen for Kohana PHP framework, and will be using it for a new project starting this month. You can expect to see lots of stuff being added here as I happily hack around in this well written, well thought out framework.
  4. More falling in love with Ubuntu, Xubuntu and OBbuntu?! If you can call it that. Have discovered the lovely window manager OpenBox which is simply, well, loverly. Really want to get my teeth into this and start hacking it up. All encounters will be posted.
  5. Lots of thoughts about system and working more efficiently. Especially if you’re teaming up with multiple developers in either a work or open source related environment.

So, until then stay tuned with the RSS feed