Weekend Reading 2008-12-07

I’ve had some time today to sit down and browse some of the web. Below are a few articles which I’ve been reading and are worth linking to.

How I learnt to love Perl by David McLaughlin. This is a great article in which David talks about his experience of “rediscovering” Perl and re-finding it’s power. Especially interesting for me as I started out in Perl 11 years ago or so, but moved over to PHP. Maybe it’s time to have look again at Perl, and in particularity Moose – a Post Modern Object System. Definitely a blog to add to your feeder.

Interesting article by Guy Kawasaki – How to use Twitter as a Twool – interesting because I like twitter (me on Twitter) and it’s always interesting to see how other people use it. As for me, I don’t use it as a business tool, but more to keep up with what’s going on in the web.

Do you Debug Your Website? Good article by Patrick McKenzie (of Bingo Card Creator fame) highlighting one of those silly little mistakes that go unnoticed but have a heavy impact. A lesson well learned.

And finally, amusing comments on Reddit: I HATE websites that won’t let me use the browser I want to use! If this is for real then it’s incredible that it is instructing you to view in IE. As a web developer I’m amazed! If, however, it’s a cunning plan to get on the front page of Reddit, then whoops, I’m contributing.